postheadericon Catching up: February 3, 2014

The weather here has been brutal.  I used to love cold weather but the older  I get the more I  detest it.  I used to be able  to go out in the coldest weather without a coat and now I just don’t want to go out even when bundled up.  Even so, my area of Ohio has had it very easy compared to other areas of the country like the area in Michigan where my buddy Roxy lives who is always inundated with inches and inches of snow. 

Well, my I phone fell out of my nightgown pocket into the toilet and gave up the ghost or though I thought.  It was dead.  I used the hair dryer and put it in rice to no avail.  I then purchased a new I phone 5s which I really did not want to do.  I got the new phone all set up and my old phone resurrected itself and is as good as new.  So now I guess I will keep it for a backup.  I am technologically handicapped so setting up a new phone is extremely difficult for me and took lots of conversations with Verizon and Apple to do so.  I have all my apps and contacts transferred but for the life of me cannot get my old ringtone back.   So more calls are in order. 

The Cavaliers are fine.  I have not had puppies in awhile but think that my Alice is expecting a litter.  My Tillie did not become pregnant which was disappointing to me and to the people waiting for a Rattlebridge puppy as well as for me waiting for a show puppy.  Dog breeding is not for the faint of heart.  The Golden Retriever Club of America has put out an excellent video on responsible breeding.

Share this with all who don’t understand what responsible breeders do and with responsible breeders you know who may need a way to articulate how valuable we are.  Please watch the following.