postheadericon Heading The Louisville Shows

I showed Rattlebridge The Crack of Dawn, “Sunny” at three of the four Louisville shows and won two majors which gives him 14 points with one more needed to finish his championship.  My friend Rosalind and I went together and had a ball.  We co own a gorgeous show worthy Golden Retriever puppy, Eggspaladociouss, “Poppins” so spent time at the Golden ring as well as the Cavalier ring.  Because of illnesses, I have not been at shows for a little while so it was lovely seeing friends and watching the shows.  While we were there I had “Sunny”s picture taken at fourteen months:


I also made a collage of his development which is interesting to observe:


The next show is the National in April in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.  Sunny is a delight to live with and to show. 

postheadericon 2013

I have never been so glad to escape a year as I have been of 2013.  Plagued by illness, hospitalizations, surgeries, and problems selling our farm which turned out to end in a terrible financial loss, I could not wait to kiss 2013 goodbye.  Looking forward to see what good things that unfold in 2014, I hope that all of us receive many blessings and a terrific year ahead of us.  The good news for me for 2013 was a special puppy developing into a gorgeous young dog.  Rattlebridge The Crack of Dawn, “Sunny,” is now a year old but has already taken major points and bests of breeds from the 9-12 month class when shown by me, inept handler that I am, in a boot yet because of a stress fracture on the same foot that had major surgery in February.  I am exceedingly proud of this young dog who has it all and a personality to boot!  A few pictures of him at six months:

Sunny at six monthssunny standing at six monthsSunny with toy

postheadericon This and That and Revisiting

I have not been blogging since my life has gotten a bit out of hand.  Since last June I have had seven hospitalizations including three surgeries: back; foot reconstruction (I am now the bionic woman with knees, neck, and foot—all metal); and colon surgery for diverticulitis. I am behind in everything and have not had a lot of motivation or energy.   Today is the third anniversary of my Al’s death; he would have been eighty four.  Time just goes so quickly.  It seems like yesterday we were in the hospital.  I feel so lost without him so much of the time.  He was a good guy. 

I am getting quite a few emails from Cavalier families losing their beloved pets.  I lost my Wendy a year ago this month and miss her terribly.  The loss of a pet is not the loss of a husband or loved one, but still it is a wrenching loss as the pet is often by one’s side physically and I for one miss that continual comfort that was my Wendy.  My others comfort me as they lay on or by me; but no one can replace another.  So because I have gotten so many emails, some from Rattlebridge families with old dogs and some not, I am repeating the sections on grief.

Please click here to read the Grief sections.

postheadericon Rattlebridge Boys In Art

My friend, Lu Ann Rogers, has several Rattlebridge dogs-most with degrees and all working in therapy.  She has commissioned sculptures of two of her boys, Quest and Quinn. The sculptor is Kate VanNoorden ( and she does wonderful work.

Quinn’s full name is Rattlebridge Harle-Quinn Man, CD, RE, OA, AXJ, NAP, NJP, BN, THD

clip_image002 clip_image003


Quest’s full name is Rattlebridge Request the Best, CD, RE, NA, NAJ, BN, THD, CGC


postheadericon My Beloved Wendy Is Gone

It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of my beloved “Wendy” who almost made it to 15. Ch. Rattlebridge Dutch Treat ROM—the first wholecolor ROM. Her heart was great but old age indignities got to the point when she needed to rest.  She rallied so often as she truly did not want to leave me to fend for myself as she was always with me to supervise. I was her total slave and she made sure that I knew it. What can I say? She was my total heart and I cannot believe her diva bark isn’t ringing in my ears or that her ears are not in my face and her head on my neck.  Over the years her ears caught so many of my tears. I had to let her go one week before the second anniversary of Al’s death. Now she can order Al around and the other Rattlebridges at the rainbow bridge.  I always say that if you cannot face the agony of losing them, you never have the joy of having them. She was my joy, my heart, and my salvation after Al died. Rest in peace my Wendy. Meredith



new wendy collage1




Cyber won Best in Specialty Show at the Meadowlands Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Club in New York in February the day before Cavaliers were shown at Westminster in which Cyber was not entered. Under breed specialist, Mrs. Mea Askins Kendall from the UK, Cyber won over all the top ranked Cavaliers in this country with my short, chubby, arthritic legs trying to keep up with him.  He and I are a team and he is very patient with his “mother” as this dog could show himself!  I have not been back to New York from whence I originally came since Al’s last long term bout with cancer and his passing (probably over six years).

Because of circumstances in my present life which I will explain when I do another “Catching Up” entry, I have not really blogged in months and probably lost all those interested in following my blog and some of my political rantings. Anyway, Cyber and I have gone not entered the ring together since the Meadowlands but look forward to stepping out in the future. Meanwhile he and I are busy doing yard work (I plant and he unplants), raising lovely tricolor puppies (not his but his uncle Clooney’s), and vacuuming dog hair (he sheds and I vacuum).  I adore this dog as well as my others, but Cyber has a sense of humor and I am usually the target of his laughter! 


postheadericon Delta and Tru!—Aunt and Nephew Chose the Same Position—A Cavalier Rug


Ch. Rattlebridge Delta Dawn and her nephew, Ch. Rattlebridge Truth and Dare, have the same idea!

postheadericon Charlie The Therapy Dog At Work


postheadericon QUINN DOES IT ALL!

I am very proud of Quinn, one of Rattlebridge Babies, and of his owner LuAnn Rogers

who has taken him to the top. Quinn is a great dog!!!  I did not post this in a very

timely manner. My apologies to Quinn and LuAnn. 

Lu Ann comments:

Very proud of Quinn (Rattlebridge Harle-Quinn Man CD, RE, OA, AXJ, NAP, NJP, THD),
who earned his BN title this weekend. Quinn is almost 11 years old and still loves strutting his stuff!


My darling boy Cyber wins the CKCSC of Central North Carolina with my stubby legs and I handling:

ROKIRK 1 P9160551

CyberB ccckcsc cyber


And a photo of Cyber finishing his Championship:Cyber Finishing

Since I handled Cyber and finished Cyber’s Championship

from the bred by exhibitor class, Cyber and I have been

invited to show in the Eukanuba World Classic Dog Show

in Orlando, Florida in December.