postheadericon March 15, 2007

I am leaving for the Louisville shows where the warnings are out about PETA disrupting the dog shows. When I come back I would like to address what is going on with the anti breeding activists threatening the show and hobby breeders’ right to breed dogs and the right to dog ownership. There are many city, county and state ordinances being passed. But for now and in advance:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

postheadericon March 6, 2007

Hello from bitterly cold Ohio with more snow expected tomorrow. At least we are not in Michigan where my friend Roxy Hayes lives with feet of snow still on the ground with more falling often. Beside the cold weather we are doing well. Al and I celebrated our 24th anniversary last Saturday—so romantic! I was on puppy watch with visitors all day and Al was hiding out in his office trying to reconstruct all our financial data which was lost when his computer finally gave up the ghost (with Windows 98 yet!). He now has a new computer with Vista yet! I only hope Vista does not prove difficult for me as I now have to teach Al who does not take any instruction from me with a good attitude. We still have not celebrated our anniversary. Below is a picture of one of Clooney’s first sons, Rattlebridge Truth and Dare, who is co owned by our good friend Lu Ann Rogers who is going to show him should he turn out as nice as we think he is. Beside the picture of Tru is a picture of Clooney taken at eighteen months.

Rattlebridge Truth or DareClooney at 18 months