postheadericon Buster—More on the Journey of Grief

I often receive notes from the grieving owners of their Rattlebridge Cavalier that passed away.  Dogs simply do not live long enough and leave brokenhearted families behind.  This is a note from a family who just lost their beloved Buster.


” Very sad, but thankful for the  years we shared our lives with Buster. He was a special part of the family and we will miss him so much. As a puppy, he helped keep everyone’s spirits up when we needed it most and mom stayed with us recovering from surgery at the clinic. A few years back, he started barking in the middle of the night and woke us up…and right after, our CO alarms started going off. We got out more quickly and called fire department sooner because of his warning. He may have saved us. He rode all the way to FLA with us and we ran the beaches of Amelia island together. His tail was always wagging, or his little white belly up to be rubbed. He watched over Penny and was ‘her ears’ since she is deaf. He loved the neighbor kids, and enjoyed a visit to Normandy with Penny last year to congratulate the kids for meeting the school AR reading goal. To my sweet little buddy, I had to let everyone know that you were not ‘just a dog’ and this is my tribute to you. I hope I see you again someday, because that would be heaven to me."