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If you cannot just click on link to open or right click and open the link,  then just copy and paste.  This one really made me laugh!

commercial from a European maker of rubber cement:


Pet Owners and Breeders in N. Carolina read below and contact your legislators (listed below) if you want to keep the right to breed and own dogs. THIS IS SERIOUS

NC ALERT: Strict Breeder Bill To Be Heard On Tuesday, June 30!
[Friday, June 26, 2009]
Senate Bill 460, a bill which regulates breeders and infringes on the rights
of responsible dog owners, will be heard in the Senate Finance Committee on
Tuesday, June 30.

All responsible dog breeders and owners in North Carolina are encouraged to
attend the hearing on Tuesday in opposition to the bill. We need to show
strong opposition to SB 460. While attendees will not be able to speak in
opposition, NUMBERS MATTER! If you are unable to attend, please call or
e-mail the members of the committee and ask them to oppose SB 460.

The American Kennel Club is appalled by the conditions in which some dogs
are kept and abhors animal cruelty. However, as the AKC wrote in a letter to
the Finance Committee, Senate Bill 460 is a costly, ineffective bill that
punishes responsible breeders and owners and does nothing to help the dogs
kept in deplorable conditions.

The AKC opposes several other provisions of Senate Bill 460, including:

  a.. A vague definition of commercial breeder. As amended, SB 460 defines
“commercial breeder” as anyone who owns or maintains at least 15 intact
females of any age for the primary purpose of the sale of the offspring.
This definition could include anyone who has bred even a single litter of
puppies, including fanciers and show breeders.
  b.. Inspections of private property at any time. The bill allows law
enforcement and local animal control to search the homes and private
property of anyone who falls under the definition of “commercial breeder” at
any time of day or night.
  c.. Directive for the NC Department of Agriculture to develop standards of
care with no public input. SB 460 calls for the Department of Agriculture to
develop care and condition policies for dogs belonging to commercial
breeders. This does not allow for any input from dog breeders and others who
are experts in animal care.
This bill is unnecessary, as North Carolina already has laws that address
animal cruelty and mistreatment. Senate Bill 460 will do nothing to address
irresponsible breeding and will cost the state over $400,000 a year to
enforce. At a time when the state is facing a projected $3 billion budget
gap, improved enforcement of existing laws would be a better use of North
Carolina taxpayers’ money.

How You Can Help:

·         Attend the Senate Finance Committee hearing on Tuesday, June 30.
The details are as follows:

Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2009
Time: 1:00 p.m.
Location: North Carolina Legislative Office Building
Room 544
16 W. Jones Street
Raleigh, North Carolina

  a.. Contact the members of the Senate Finance Committee TODAY. Tell the
members of the committee that you oppose this bill, and urge them to oppose
Senate Bill 460. A phone call would be most effective. E-mail is acceptable,
but we ask that you also call.
Click here for basic phone scripts for breeders and fanciers.

The contact information for the committee is as follows:

Senator David Hoyle (Co-Chairman)
Phone: (919) 733-5734

Senator Daniel Clodfelter (Co-Chairman)
Phone: (919) 715-8331

Senator Clark Jenkins (Co-Chairman)
Phone: (919) 715-3040

Senator Larry Shaw (Vice-Chairman)
Phone: (919) 733-9349

Senator Fletcher Hartsell, Jr. (Vice-Chairman)
Phone: (919) 733-7223

Senator Charles Albertson
Phone: (919) 733-5705

Senator Austin Allran
Phone: (919) 733-5876

Senator Tom Apodaca
Phone: (919) 733-5745

Senator Bob Atwater
Phone: (919) 715-3036

Senator Philip Berger
Phone: (919) 733-5708

Senator Charlie Dannelly
Phone: (919) 733-5955

Senator Eleanor Kinnaird
Phone: (919) 733-5804

Senator Floyd McKissick, Jr.
Phone: (919) 733-4599

Senator Joe Sam Queen
Phone: (919) 733-3460

Senator David Rouzer
Phone: (919)733-5748

Senator R.C. Soles, Jr.
Phone: (919) 733-5963

Senator Harris Blake
Phone: (919) 733-4809

Senator Julia Boseman
Phone: (919) 715-2525

Senator Andrew Brock
Phone: (919) 715-0690

Senator Harry Brown
Phone: (919) 715-3034

Senator Don East
Phone: (919) 733-5743

Senator Tony Foriest
Phone: (919) 301-1446

Senator Linda Garrou
Phone: (919) 733-5620

Senator Eddie Goodall
Phone: (919) 733-7659

Senator Steve Goss
Phone: (919) 733-5742

Senator Neal Hunt
Phone: (919) 733-5850

Senator Martin Nesbitt, Jr.
Phone: (919) 715-3001

Senator Jean Preston
Phone: (919) 733-5706

Senator William Purcell
Phone: (919) 733-5953

Senator Tony Rand
Phone: (919) 733-9892

Senator Bob Rucho
Phone: (919) 733-5655

Senator Josh Stein
Phone: (919)715-6400

Senator Richard Stevens
Phone: (919) 733-5653

Senator A.B. Swindell
Phone: (919) 715-3030

Senator Jerry Tillman
Phone: (919) 733-5870

Senator David Weinstein
Phone: (919) 733-5651

Senator Dan Blue
Phone: (919) 833-1931

For more information, contact AKC’s Government Relations Department at (919)
816-3720; or e-mail




The Proposed Legislation Would Destroy   Almost Every Ohio Kennel

      Hearing Today – Act Now Or Lose It All

      by JOHN YATES
      American sporting Dog Alliance

      This report is archived at

      COLUMBUS, OH – A critical committee hearing is scheduled for TODAY (June 24, 2009) on legislation that we believe would make it impossible for anyone to raise dogs in Ohio. The House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee will take testimony on House Bill 124 beginning at 9:30 a.m. in Room 018 of the State Capitol Building. We have heard unofficial reports that testimony on another bill may push back the hearing on HB 124 until after Noon, but this cannot be confirmed officially.

      We cannot be too emphatic about the devastating nature of HB 124 and its impact on people who raise dogs in Ohio. It is very radical animal rights legislation straight from the heart of the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), which is the political mouthpiece for this movement to gradually eliminate all animal ownership in America.

      If dog owners do not act decisively and in large numbers, they will have only themselves to blame if this terrible legislation is passed into law. Immediate action is required to save the dogs that you love. No excuse is good enough for failing to act now.

      Some people may think we are exaggerating and using scare tactics. We are not, and we will prove it in this report. First, we will summarize the major provisions in HB 124, and then we will provide a direct link to the actual text of this legislation so that people can read it for themselves and prove that everything we are saying is true.

      Ohio dog owners have every reason to be scared – very scared! And they have every reason to be very angry because this legislation denies innocent dog owners the basic rights and legal processes that are guaranteed to someone charged with murder or rape.

      You will no longer truly own your dogs if this legislation passes. They will become, in essence, wards of the state.

      Here are some of the major provisions of HB 124 and its companion bill, Senate Bill 95:

        a.. A Kennel Authority would be created to write regulations, administer the law and control virtually everything done by dog owners. The Authority’s politically appointed Board of Directors would be heavily weighted toward animal rights activists. Only one person who raises dogs and one person representing pet stores would be on the Board. There is no legislative or judicial oversight over the decisions of this board.

        a.. This committee would be given a free hand to design and implement all of the rules for kennel licensing, inspections and paperwork, as well as all construction, maintenance and management requirements..

        a.. The board will require every kennel owner and “any other person” who sells even one dog to obtain a tax vendor number. You must pay sales tax for selling even one dog or puppy.

        a.. Each applicant for any kind of kennel license will be subjected to a criminal background check by the state Attorney General.

        a.. Every license applicant must post insurance or a bond to cover the state’s cost of enforcing the law at the kennel.

        a.. The Board is given a completely blank check to write “any other requirements and procedures” to define and enforce the law. People with animal rights beliefs will have total control over the lives of dog owners.

        a.. Anyone who buys, offers to sell, sells or gives away nine or more dogs a year is intensely regulated and licensed as a dealer, which is called a “dog intermediary” in the legislation. Anyone who sells even one dog or puppy to a pet store also is considered a dealer.

        a.. Anyone who raises more than nine litters of puppies a year, or has 40 puppies a year, must be licensed as a “breeding kennel” and subject to extremely intense regulation. For some breeds, only four litters a year could produce 40 puppies. A “breeding dog” is defined as any dog that is not spayed or neutered, regardless of the dog’s actual purpose in a kennel.

        a.. Anyone from out of state who sells a dog or puppy to an Ohio resident must document the entire history of the dog, and provide a veterinary health certificate. This will make it very difficult for Ohioans to obtain a dog from another state.

        a.. Tail docking, ear cropping and dewclaw removal (or the removal of any other claw) can be done only by a veterinarian. Owners no longer could dock tails of newborn puppies, as has been standard practice for centuries. Owners also could be prosecuted if a dog accidentally rips off a claw, such as when hunting.

        a.. Kennel owners would no longer be allowed to treat even minor ailments or injuries, possibly even including parasites, which are now defined as a disease. All treatments must be done by a veterinarian.

        a.. No one can sell a dog at any public place, which would include field trials, dog shows and other canine gatherings. All sales must be at the kennel facility.

        a.. The state is required to inspect “any facility.upon request of a member of the public” or a public or quasi-public official. That means that animal rights activists can demand and get state inspections of the home and property of anyone who has dogs, without making or proving any allegation of a violation, and without producing proof of any kind. This will lead to continual and frightening harassment of law-abiding dogs owners by animal rights groups, and the state must respond to all requests for inspections, even if they are obviously bogus.

        a.. Inspectors are given absolute and incontestable power to enter and inspect “any public or private property” to see if a violation of the law has occurred. There is no requirement for a search warrant or probable cause (a warrant is an option method, but is not required). Anyone who refuses to allow an inspection, or hinders it, can be assessed for the entire cost to the state to investigate and prosecute, including wages and expenses for an unlimited number of state officials.

        a.. Any dog may be impounded if the state has probable cause to believe any violation of the law has occurred, but probable cause is not required to presented before a court, as is guaranteed by the Bill of Rights. A hearing before the state agency is set within five days, and the dogs could be permanently forfeited to face adoption or euthanasia. A dog owner cannot appeal to a local court, but can appeal only to the Environmental Division of the Franklin County Municipal Court, and the kennel owner must post a bond. The state agency thus becomes the cop, prosecutor, judge and jury.

        a.. Civil penalties ranging up to $15,000 can be imposed administratively (with no appeal) for violations, and separate penalties can be assigned for every dog in violation for every day it is in violation. Thus, a dog owner can be destroyed financially without ever getting his or her day in court, even for minor or accidental infractions.

        a.. The state “shall deny” a license to any person who has violated any part of the law or any rule, and that includes paperwork deficiencies, accidental mistakes and minor technical errors.

        a.. The state “shall deny” a license to anyone who “does not have the expertise or capacity to comply” with the law or regulations. That gives the state absolute power to judge the qualifications of anyone to own a dog, and no objective standards are defined. The decision is entirely subjective. There is no appeal. This also means that most poor and working class people could be denied licensure simply because they don’t have enough money to meet all of the state’s insatiable demands. This is a very real issue in today’s troubled economy, and Ohio is among the states hardest hit by the current deep recession.

        a.. No puppy under 12 weeks of age can be sold unless the litter is registered with the state. This essentially creates a database of every dog in Ohio, which many dog owners think will be used someday to mandate pet sterilization or ban certain breeds of dogs.

        a.. The law provides exacting specifications for kennel sizes, construction and temperature control, and allows the Board to create even more stringent regulations. These rules effectively prohibit a dog owner from raising puppies inside his or her own home, and also effectively ban outdoor housing in the winter for most breeds of dogs (it may exclude hunting and sled dogs, but there is some ambiguity in the language) if the water cannot be kept unfrozen 24 hours a day. The use of crates to train dogs kept in a home also is effectively banned.

        a.. Except for dogs that are continuously confined to a kennel, any dog that is found without a collar and license tag (even inside the owner’s home) can be seized, sold or killed. This would appear to include puppies, as the word “dog” is not defined.

        a.. No person or group who is licensed as a dog rescue would be allowed to breed any dogs or raise any puppies. This would destroy the breed rescue network in Ohio, as most of the participants actually raise the breed they are helping to rescue.

        a.. And reams of time-consuming paperwork and compliance documentations would be required, and minor omissions or errors could cause a license to be denied or revoked.

      It is the belief of the American Sporting Dog Alliance that the terms of HB 124 that are outlined above will combine to force almost every kennel in Ohio to close its doors. The combination of stringent rules, unreasonable liabilities and draconian enforcement measures will either result in kennels being closed by the state, or kennel owners being scared and intimidated into quitting to avoid the probability that the state would destroy their lives.

      Please do not take our word for it. We want you to read this legislation yourself and form your own conclusions.

      Here is a direct link to the actual text of HB 124: . Please read it.

      The American Sporting Dog Alliance regards this bill as an unconscionable perversion of the American concept of justice that shows utter disdain for the Bill of Rights, individual privacy or the concept of private property.

      What You Can Do About It

      Ohio dog owners are up against an array of powerful forces from the animal rights movement. They are well organized and well funded, and have been preparing for this legislation for many years.

      To stop this legislation will require an outpouring of clear opposition from several thousand Ohio dog owners, and the time for it to happen is now.

      If dog owners do not act in large numbers, there is a high probability that this terrible and destructive legislation will be passed into law.

      Please be scared. Please be angry. Please be scared and angry enough to fight back as if your life depends on it – and it does.

      Here is what you can do:

      Contact the chairman of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, Rep. John Domenick (D-95) and the Minority Chair, Rep. Jeff Wagner (R-81). Faxes and written letters are the best, but this should also include a phone call or email immediately, because the hearing is tomorrow. Emails alone probably are less effective, but far better than nothing.

      Here is contact information for Rep. Domenick:

      77 S. High St
      12th Floor
      Columbus, OH 43215-6111
      Phone: (614) 466-3735
      Fax: (614) 719-6995

      Here is contact information for Rep. Wegner:

      77 S. High St
      10th Floor
      Columbus, OH 43215-6111
      Phone: (614) 466-1374
      Fax: (614) 719-6981

postheadericon Another “woo woo woo” heard from:


My friend Donna reports about her “Casey:”

I just finished reading your “blog” about Wendy and I laughed so hard.  I think you have bred the “woo woo woo” gene into your Rattlebridge dogs.  Casey sounds like he is being neglected and abused anytime he is separated from his favorite humans ( this includes but is not limited to us, all the neighbors, the UPS man, mailman, any company,  his groomer,  and especially his pet-sitter). It’s hard to believe  that he has been with us for almost two years.

He embodies the  “joyous and carefree” description of Cavaliers. He knows every single neighbor, the UPS man brings him treats, and he has multiple play dates on a regular basis. He passed his Rally obedience class  (barely) and was either perfectly behaved or a total non-conformist. 

He continues to visit with Tom at the local assisted living center 
and accompanies him on his Meals on Wheels rounds.  I ran into Casey’s brother Truth or Dare” at a show in  Brooksville, Fl. They look so much alike.

imageCasey is saying “you sure look like me.”

postheadericon TWITTER 6/18/2009

Well, I am now on Twitter, Lord help me.  I do not even understand the concept.  My friend Roxy Hayes bugged me about “tweeting” and is now bugging me to do Facebook.  I am too old for this.  You Tube was plenty for me  My blog does not get done on a regular basis I am so possessed by my spring frenzy of creating gardens.  I do nothing half way.  How then can I possibly keep up with the computer age!?!

My darling Wendy aka Ch. Rattlebridge Dutch Treat, ROM, slipped and did her knee in.  Her heart is still fine at 11 and 1/2 so she went through the surgery to fix it just fine.  He leg may not be a hundred percent again, but she is back to her antics and driving me nuts with her “woo,woo, woo” if any door, gate (even a see through dog gate), window separates us.  She has always been my girl and my constant companion as she does not let me out of her sight.  

Ch. Rattlebidge Dutch Treat ROM2




Wendy has this tenuous relationship Emma the Cat.  Wendy thinks that Emma is very strange as the cat, whom I rescued from under a barn floor over nine years ago, is very attached to me also and does not like to share.  Emma looks down her superior feline nose at Wendy’s slavish devotion to me (how can it be slavish when I wait on Wendy hand and foot especially through her injury which she is milking for all its worth) although Emma seems to be just as devoted but just in total command. Al, of course, being the he man he is, has no use for cats, but he has lost this battle as well as all the other ones in our married life (WHY DO HUSBANDS EVEN TRY???).  Emma makes sure she crawls on his lap occasionally just so I can say to him, “don’t even think about it!!!” as he sits there steaming as little Miss Emma kneads his lap knowing full well that he wants to fling her across the room.   Until next time while I  “tweet ” away.

emma the cat

postheadericon Don’t forget the Horse Rescue


Reminder for the Last Chance Corral Rescue from slaughter!  I repeat the following:

Right now Last Chance Corral is trying to get enough money donated to rescue horses being auctioned this Friday for slaughter in Sugar Creek, Ohio. These horses are not all old and debilitated, but sometimes young and in their prime–just having the misfortune of winding up in the wrong hands. The horses that the slaughter house, located in Mexico I believe, buys and then transports to Mexico endure the horrible trip and then a more horrible death as their spinal cords are severed before the horses are killed while fully awake and unable to move.   I may not have all the details just right as I was so sick to my stomach and my heart, that I may not have caught everything that Victoria was telling me.  I caught enough though that I wanted to help save as many horses as can be saved.  Victoria needs donations by this Thursday in order to get her ducks in a row and decide which horses have the best chance of making it if Last Chance can buy them.  My check will be in the mail tomorrow.  Any amount will help but please make a donation of as much money as you are able with all your other financial obligations.  I will never sell a horse on as the thought of our poor Buttercup whom we raised from a baby being bought by someone and eventually winding up in a slaughter auction is just too much to bear.  We feel about our horses as we do about our dogs; we are responsible from birth to death.  If you can help out Victoria and the Last Chance Corral save a horse from slaughter, please do. Please let Victoria know that you read of the need on this blog.  Thank you for reading this and THANK YOU if you can help!!!!!

Send checks made out to:  LAST CHANCE CORRAL, 5350 US 33 South, Athens, Ohio 45701

postheadericon WHERE DO HSUS DONATIONS GO???

> Share this with your local TV affiliates and other news media. This is
> an opportunity for more eyes to be focused on the true agenda of the
> Humane Society of the United States. (There is a place to leave 
> comments.)
> <>
> Where Humane Society Donations Really Go
> Posted: 4:03 pm EDT May 14, 2009Updated: 4:20 pm EDT May 14, 2009
> ATLANTA — A Channel 2 investigation is looking into millions of 
> dollars
> in donations given to the Humane Society of the United States.
> A national consumer organization says the society solicits pet-lovers
> for money, but little to none of that money ever goes to help local
> shelters…..
> (The rest of the story at the link above.)
> Here’s a UTube link to the actual program:
> NAIA News
> National Animal Interest Alliance


From Bill Hembly, founder of PetPac:

HSUS raises and spends millions of dollars every year on the fight to take away our rights as pet owners. This ABC News story clearly documents ( what were up against in our struggle to stop the anti-pet legislation they support. We know we can’t begin to match their money so we stretch the funds that you donate as far as we can. Once again we are asking for you to make a contribution so we can continue the daily battle. PetPAC has proved that in every instance where we have had an opportunity to expose the real truth we have stopped PETA and HSUS cold.

It is extremely important that we continue the effort to have our voices heard, sign the petition today and take the time let your elected officials know that we, who are pet owners, are responsible, productive members of our communities, and we want to preserve our right of animal ownership without interference from government.

Please got to the following link and click on the button for
“Stop HSUS”. 

    Please take 15 seconds out of your time to sign the PetPac
petition to President Obama stating that you don’t want PETA and the HSUS to speak for you & your rights as pet owners, breeders &
exhibitors.   If you have time please forward to other concerned “dog people”.

    PetPAC: Sign the Petitions! to President Obama telling him that we have our rights as pet owners, breeders and exhibitors.  Go to the PetPac Website:

    Please read the following link regarding the exposure of HSUS .
We need to make the animal community aware of this inappropriate

    PetPAC: Story Exposing HSUS Buried: Read Transcript


Bill Hemby



The National Alliance for Interests of Animals founded by Patty Strand had been on the forefront of fighting against the animal rights groups and anti dog ownership legislation for years. Another Organization called Pet Pac was formed to fight the legislation that was proposed in California last year; the bill was defeated but a new one has taken its place and has already passed the Senate in California.  A new bill in Ohio, worse than the one we defeated last year, has been introduced.  So many states and communities, so many attempts to end our rights to own pets.  Please do your part.  The billboard below is a great idea.  If we could all put one in our communities, we could surely make a statement.  Go to the following site and read more:

billboard NAIA

postheadericon sad news

While we routinely have dogs live into their teens, mitral valve disease still wreaks its havoc on our breed as well as other breeds.  Sometimes genetics plays cruel tricks with the parents of the dogs having really good hearts and then one of the progeny getting an early heart murmur which just moves too fast into congestive heart failure.  No breeder can predict and no breeder wants to put a Cavalier, or any other breed for that matter, into a home to break hearts by developing health problems. 

My advice to those who are afraid to love a dog because a dog’s life is too short:  If you can’t face the agony of losing them, you will never experience the joy of having them.

Reported by my dear friend, Marilee Snyder, a week or so ago:

Our beloved Brandi went peacefully into her final sleep last night, in
Rick’s arms.She has been battling heart disease for awhile and a few
days ago went into congestive heart failure. Brandi was rushed to MedVet in
Columbus, Ohio, on Wednesday night, and cared for by a wonderful group of
cardiologists and staff, but her little heart just couldn’t take anymore.
Rick and I are devastated, and heart broken, but our lovely, little smiling
dog will always be a part of us. Her spirit is on the other side of the
RainbowBridge, alive, well…and waiting.