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We had a Cavalier get together today at a training facility. We had a short meeting of the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel of Central Ohio of which I am an officer.  We then had two conformation training classes for our dogs, mostly puppies or young dogs.  My three new hopefuls conducted themselves quite well since only one of them had been on lead.  They soon got the hang of it and made me very proud.  Rattlebridge Dueling at Dawn and Rattlebridge Danger at Dawn are six month old half brothers from the same mother, Ch. Rattlebridge Delta Dawn.  Miss Delta could not satisfy herself with only one stud dog but bred herself to another that somehow got through a dog door because he found her so irresistible.  AKC allows multiple sire litters with DNA testing.  So all is done and the boys are off and running!  Will post a picture of the both of them soon as I am really excited about them if they continue to develop as well as they have.  Nothing is ever certain in breeding dogs!

Our little girl by Ch. Rattlebridge From Dusk ‘Til Dawn out of Rattlebridge Alice Blue Gown handled herself beautifully for her first time on lead and a venture away from home. Rattlebridge Tete a Tete at Dawn is very sweet,  loving and well behaved The boys, her hooligan first IMG_0351cousins, are not as demure as she which is to be expected! IMG_0343





We had absolutely cold, drizzling, dreary weather today.  My newborn daffodils are really protesting by laying on their sides.  My tulips have all been eaten by deer or rabbits so won’t bloom and I planted at least two hundred bulbs!  The deer come right up to the sitting area by our bedroom window and heat all the birdseed from the squirrel proof bird feeder.  What effrontery!

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Well, the battles are on!  Please do what you can in your state and your community to stop the spread of anti dog and anti breeding legislation.  Please pay close attention to what is going on in Washington as the animal rights groups now feel that they have a direct line to the new administration and are eagerly helping to form a legislative coalition to press the animal rights agenda. 

a small victory :

From the AKC website:

Update: Mandatory Spay/Neuter Language Removed from Florida Bill! [Tuesday, March 24, 2009]

This morning, the Florida House Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Committee adopted a “strike-all” amendment to House Bill 451, which would have required the mandatory spay/neuter of all dogs four months of age with little exception. The Florida Association of Kennel Clubs reports that the amendment, offered by HB 451’s sponsor, Representative Scott Randolph, has removed all mandatory spay/neuter language, and instead provides local government officials the option of using a $5 surcharge currently added to animal control citations to help pay for low-cost spay/neuter programs.The American Kennel Club commends the Florida Association of Kennel Clubs and the many concerned Florida residents who took action in opposition to the original version of HB 451. Their tireless efforts have ensured that the rights and liberties of responsible dog breeders and owners in Florida will continue to be honored. The American Kennel Club also thanks Representative Randolph for listening to the grave concerns of the AKC and the thousands of Floridians who expressed their strong opposition to mandatory spay/neuter. The AKC Government Relations Department is pleased to have assisted the Florida Association of Kennel Clubs by issuing several legislative alerts with contact information and sample letters; e-mailing thousands of AKC club members, officers, delegates, judges, and legislative liaisons; reporting developments to tens of thousands of alert recipients; and contacting legislators with anti-MSN policy arguments.


. . . And now the horrors of the proposed Texas bills.  Please send the following to anyone you know who can help defeat this legislation in Texas.  How has the tail began wagging the dog in the great state of Texas???

Forwarded with permission.

Texans need to pay attention here, and PLEASE send on to all persons, organizations, and clubs in Texas who might help in fighting these bills!

Around 15 dog / pet-related bills have been filed this legislative session. Zandra Anderson is an attorney who has worked with dog folks in Dallas and other locations, and who was a leader in the fight last legislative session. She is currently working on briefs against several of the proposed bills and is planning to testify in opposition to the bills. The bills currently in focus follow.

Mandatory Spay Neuter–HB 4277 / SB 1845 (all dogs and cats over 6 mos. old must be altered unless they are showed in competition or used for breeding;  intact permit of $300 per animal) The only people who are targeted by this law are those people who own and contain their dogs. Stray, un-owned dogs (and cats) that breed indiscriminately are fair game for local animal control to impound if they have at large laws. If there is a statewide edict that all dogs and cats have to be sterilized and the breeder bill will legislate responsible breeding to extinction, then where are we supposed to get our next pets? Perhaps we can start importing them even in greater numbers from outside the state.There are many valid reasons people have intact animals. In addition to show dogs, genetics is the key component in hunting dogs. Our state is known for hunting so this law adversely affects one of the state’s most popular sports.Working dogs, tracking dogs, guard dogs, search and rescue dogs are often kept intact to be able to continue a line of elite dogs in these various fields.

A statewide mandatory spay neuter law is misplaced. Any such laws should be entertained on a local level. What state agency will police whether or not our animals are altered? There are no state animal control officers, so there is no agency to enforce this law. This is a decision that should be left up to local governments. It would be an added expense to the state that is not discussed in any fiscal note and would be an astronomical expense considering that over 60% of Americans own a cat or a dog (American Pet Products Manufacturer’s Association–APPMA).·

Voluntary spay neuter initiatives are effective and over the past twenty-five years, altering pets has been on a significant rise. Currently, 75% of owned dogs and 87% of owned cats are altered (APPMA).Despite what humane organizations publicize about pet overpopulation when they are trying to drive donations, euthanasia has decreased over the last twenty-five years regardless that pet ownership has soared. The Tufts Center for Animals and Public Policy collected data indicating that in 1973 there were 65 million cats and dogs in the U.S. and that 13 million, or 20%, were euthanized. The Humane Society of the U.S. estimates that 3-4 million dogs and cats are euthanized in the country currently. As of last year, there were 163.1 million cats and dogs in our country (APPMA). Therefore, approximately 1.8% – 2.4% of cats and dogs are euthanized last year. Euthanasia rates are on the steady decline, so voluntary spay neuter initiatives are working and will continue to work particularly if low cost/no cost spay neuter is available.

More animals will die in shelters because many releasing agencies cannot afford to spay and neuter the animals they release.This bill will adversely affect animal control facilities being able to release intact dogs to rescue organizations despite the rescues willingness to alter the animals under their programs. The bill clearly states that the releasing agency cannot release an animal for adoption unless they are fixed, so a strict interpretation would not allow them to release intact animals to rescue. This will be devastating for the animals and shelters alike.

Only 10% of Americans obtain their pets from humane organizations or shelters (APPMA). Euthanasia rates in our state could be diminished if more people who wanted a pet could be convinced to get one from their local shelter or humane organization.No one wants to see even one healthy animal needlessly put down, but this bill will increase euthanasia rates. In every city that has tried mandatory spay neuter, the euthanasia rates have increased. Enforcement of mandatory spay neuter laws in cities that have them are usually prejudicially aimed at citizens who can least afford to fight back. Instead of unfairly going after economically disadvantaged citizens, why not offer them low cost or no cost spay neuter? Every time a spay neuter mobile unit goes into these areas, they are filled to capacity of people wanting to get their animals altered. People could use this help especially during these challenging economic times.

There is absolutely no reason the government should make it their business what an animal owner chooses to do with an owner’s animals. My dog, my choice. The government needs to quit micromanaging the lives of its citizens and their animals.

Breeder Bill–HB 3180/ SB 1910 (10 or less intact breeding females is a hobby breeder, 11 or more is a commercial breeder; includes hobby breeder as a dealer; harsh laws for dealers regarding the sale of puppies; has a lemon law for puppies.

This bill is convoluted to say the least. It is so complex that is not really enforceable. This bill seeks to allow the Department the right to have a vet, animal control or a humane society agent do the inspections of the breeder facilities. Animal control knows nothing about breeding. Humane societies know nothing about breeding. Putting people in charge of inspections who have no training or knowledge in breeding can be very problematic, and be ripe for abuse.

Humane societies should not be used by the government for these inspections. They are not governmental agencies and for the government to abdicate responsibility to some humane organization is giving way too much power to these groups. Many humane organizations have philosophies that are opposed to breeding, so then to allow them to do inspections of breeding facilities is unfair and ripe for abuse. To allow humane organizations to inspect the facilities creates the same conflict as exists in our cruelty seizures. The very humane organizations who are doing the investigating are the ones who will get the animals if they are seized from the breeder. This is like the wolves guarding the sheep and is fertile for abuse. Many times they are the same humane organizations who fight for mandatory spay neuter laws and who warn against buying from breeders. These are not the people you want investigating breeders who they are typically philosophically opposed to from the outset. The cruel conditions of a puppy mill cannot be condoned, but this bill is not really a puppy mill bill as touted. This bill affects all commercial breeders including the ones who do a good job (not puppy mills), and affects the hobby breeders regarding their sale of animals. Hobby breeders do not have their facility inspected per this bill, but they will have their sales scrutinized.·

Hobby breeders (those with ten or less intact females capable of breeding) are not the target of all the laws controlling a commercial breeder’s “facility.” However, they are included in the definition of a dealer which includes a person who is required to collect sales tax for sale of a puppy or kitten to the public.

There are onerous conditions placed on dealers under Subchapter G which addresses the retail sale of dogs or cats. This section applies to dealers which includes the hobby breeder. There is a requirement that dealers provide detailed disclosures about the animal being sold, a retention requirement of records pertaining to the animal, a requirement to deliver registration documents to purchaser, and requires a veterinarian examine the animal prior to sale. Dealers are subject to what are initially lemon laws for the sale of puppies and kittens. They have to essentially guarantee that the animal is free of genetic or hereditary problems, and is free from any health problems. These requirements are very complex and far reaching.

Dangerous Dog Bill–HB 1982 (makes your dog dangerous if he barks in your own yard and anyone says they are in fear; makes owners dogs 40# and more keep them in secure enclosures meant for Dangerous Dogs, no off lead)

Pit Bull Handling Bill– HB 925 (makes it illegal for anyone 15 or younger to handle or care for an APBT (American Pit Bull Terrier), AmStaff, Staffie Bull or any pit bull type dog, including mixes)

HB 2001 Tethering (would not allow your dog to be in your yard unless attended; no tethering allowed no matter how done)




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I am really too tired to post tonight, but will give it a try. I had a terribly busy day taking Al to doctor’s appointments and his therapy. His CAT scan today shows no evidence of brain trauma and he is also going to be released from therapy.  The neurosurgeon gave the okay for Al to drive; not being able to drive was very hard for Al and hard for me because he is a terrible passenger seat driver and I do not take corrections well!

I have heard from another one of my oldies owned by Jim and Margie Rogers.  It is truly wonderful knowing that Cavaliers that I brought into this world have made their families so happy and have been so loved.  I remember Ruff Rider well. His sire was Ch. and and Ch. Redthea Daniel of Rattlebridge, ROM. Happy Birthday, dear Fletcher!

I just wanted to let you know I’m doing fine, almost 14 years after 
leaving Rattlebridge.  Although Mom and Dad call me Fletcher, my 
Rattlebridge name was Ruff Rider (son of Daniel).  My 14th birthday will be in a few days on March 27th.  I’m happy to say that I’m pretty spry for my age.  I have a slight heart murmur that I take a daily pill for, and I’m a bit hard of hearing.  I still have all my teeth and my eyesight is good.  I can still jump up on the bed or couch (most of the time) and I still love a good (short) game of fetch with Daddy.  I’ve had a good life, moving from Columbus to El Paso, Texas then back to Missouri where we are now.  I have three rescue  companions (from my vet): two Cavaliers and a Japanese Chin.  I love to bark at them when they play with each other, but I still prefer playing with my humans.


fletcher at 14

postheadericon Continued Update on Legislation and Other Related Issues


Tonight HBO featured an expose of inhumane practices on a hog farm in Wayne County, Ohio.  It seems that an undercover investigator was hired by an association for Humane Farming (I cannot remember the exact name) to visit a large hog farm in Wayne County and document inhumane practices.  The videos shown of old or sick hogs being euthanized by hanging from a forklift after having a chain put around the neck and hoisted were awful.  The videos of the weaning of piglets being taken from the sows and literally thrown by a foot or an ear into holding tanks or vehicles were an assault to the emotions of animal lovers whether meat eaters or not.  The farm owners in question were put on trial for animal cruelty, but after testimony from veterinarians as to what constitutes animal cruelty as outlined by the law in euthanasia and in hog farming, the prosecutor only got one conviction and it was not on the euthanasia. Personally, I feel like the farmers in question needed to be hung from a forklift and slung by their ears. 

This trial has given the HSUS more ammunition in its animal rights agenda. The HSUS has infiltrated so many areas of animal husbandry, including farming and dog breeding.  While NO ONE wants to see cruelty of animals, the majority of Americans also do not want to be forced into becoming Vegans!  There must be a middle ground.  However, the practices of this one farm in Wayne County have opened the floodgates to the HSUS taking on the farm industry in Ohio without knowing much about farming and animal husbandry.  I repeat, no one wants to see farm animals abused in their lives or in the slaughtering for food, but the HSUS agenda is to eliminate the supposed enslavement of animals so that there will be no animals raised for meat, eggs, hides, or by products!  It will take a lot of lettuce and other vegetables and grains to feed the world without animal protein available. 


The Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) couldn’t be happier
with the formation of a new group of Congressmen that will promote its agenda.

On February 18, U.S. Representatives Jim Moran (D- VA) and Elton
Gallegy (R- CA) announced the formation of a new Congressional Animal Protection Caucus. The goal of the group is to get like-minded members of Congress together and promote animal rights policy in Washington, D.C. through forums and briefings.

According to the Humane Society Legislative Fund (HSLF), the
legislative wing of the HSUS, the new caucus will “take lawmaking for the animals to the next level.” HSLF went on to gush in its blog, “we could not be more excited about their leadership of this new
organization of humane lawmakers.”

HSUS President and CEO, Wayne Pacelle was also prominently quoted in Rep. Moran’s press release announcing the caucus’ formation.

Pacelle stated, “The newly constituted Congressional Animal Protection Caucus will help better align our federal policies with public opinion, and we are excited to work closely with its leaders and with the entire Congress to combat cruelty and abuse.”

As of press time, a full list of other U.S. Representatives joining
the caucus was not available. However, the USSA will let sportsmen
know as the names become available. Each member of the caucus should be contacted by constituents in their districts.

Representatives should be made aware of HSUS’ radical anti-hunting
agenda. They also need to be aware that sportsmen expect their
representatives not to kowtow to that agenda.


And from the the Sportsmen’s and Animal Owner’s Voting Alliance 

UPDATE ON THE HSUS NATIONWIDE ASSAULT AGAINST DOG BREEDERS AND ANIMAL OWNERS. This may be long but read through the following to get an idea of national movements:


VICTORY in Chicago!! Ald. Ed Burke (D-14) found he did not have the votes he
thought were wrapped up for his mandatory spay/neuter bill and did not call
for a vote. According to the Chicago Tribune, Ald. Ray Suarez (31st)
appeared to oppose. “It really doesn’t make a lot of sense when you tell me
what a dog owner can do,” Suarez said. Ald. Ed Smith (28th) also said he was
opposed to it, after questioning how much it would do to prevent dog
attacks. “We’re on the wrong track,” he said.  An underlying sentiment of
many aldermen was frustration at being forced to spend so much time on this
item rather than critical issues such as crime, budgets, and the economy.
Congratulations to all the hardworking dog clubs and special thanks to Dr.
Shannon Greeley (CVMA), Dr. Rubin (ISVMA) and Steve Dale for their
unwavering support.

OPPOSE SB 53 / HB 198 Licensing Dog Breeder.  All information and bill links
can be found on the SAOVA website along with easy to use email tools.

SB 53 has been slightly amended eliminating the beginning point for
licensing of 3 intact females.  However, overly strict kennel standards,
excessive reporting, and unreasonable disclosures to purchasers remain.  The
bill has no merit and is flawed beyond repair.  SB 53 is scheduled to be
read for the 2nd time in Licensed Activities on March 17th.

SAOVA commends Senators Gary Dahl (R-38) and Chris Lauzen (R-25); and
Representatives Sandy Cole (R-62), Angelo Saviano (R-77), and Al Riley
(D-38) for removing themselves as cosponsors.


HP 666, LD 964 An Act Pertaining to the Breeding and Selling of Dogs and
Cats, introduced by Representative Wendy Pieh (D-Bremen) 3/10 and referred
3/12 to the Committee on Agriculture, Conservation And Forestry and sent for

OPPOSE: HP 666, LD 964 is unnecessary over-regulation of dog breeders with
excessive kennel fees.  The bill amends the definition of “breeding kennel”
to specify that 5 or more female dogs capable of breeding are the threshold
for needing a breeding kennel license.

HP 666, LD 964 establishes 3 categories of breeding kennels:

A. A breeding kennel that maintains at least 5 but no more than 10 female
dogs or cats capable of breeding is a Category 1 breeding kennel. (Fee $75)

B. A breeding kennel that maintains at least 11 but no more than 20 female
dogs or cats capable of breeding is a Category 2 breeding kennel. (Fee $250)

C. A breeding kennel that maintains 21 or more female dogs or cats capable
of breeding is a Category 3 breeding kennel. (Fee $500)

HP 666, LD 964 creates “conditional licensing” for new applicants until
inspections are performed and the kennel passes to the satisfaction of the
state inspectors.  HP 666, LD 964 establishes fees for follow-up inspections
following an infraction. Should two or more follow-up inspections be needed
in any calendar year, the department shall charge the licensee a fee equal
to 50% of the original license fee for each follow-up inspection.  If
documents necessary for registration of a dog or cat with a pedigree
registry are not provided to the buyer within 60 days of sale, the buyer is
entitled to a refund of 50% of the sale price. It also adds a new
requirement that a veterinarian must examine animal prior to sale.

Full text of HP0666, LD 964 can be found here:

Find Maine House Members here:

Find Maine Senate Members here:

For more information go to or contact Ann Short 


VICTORY in Maryland for dog breeders! SB318 would have mandated rigid
engineering standards and detailed exercise regulations for anyone owning 10
or more intact dogs. The measure also would have limited breeders to owning
no more than 50 “breeding” dogs over the age of four months. The Maryland
Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee rejected this restrictive and costly


SB 515 Prohibit Penning Of Wildlife. Sponsor: Senator Neal Hunt (R-Wake).

OPPOSE SB 515:  The HSUS animal rights agenda does not need a platform in
North Carolina law.  Fox preserves are highly regulated by our NC Wildlife
Resources Commission, consist of hundreds of acres, and contain structures
in which the fox can hide. Hunters and their families can run and train the
dogs to perform what they have been bred to do for centuries. In typical
anti-hunting, animal rights fashion, HSUS is distributing propaganda that
penning is a bloody and barbaric sport. Amazingly, Sen. Hunt chose to
believe the HSUS spin and agreed to introduce legislation that will close
ALL fox pens in North Carolina.  SB 515 has been referred to the Senate
Committee on Agriculture/Environment/Natural Resources. 

ACTION REQUEST: Contact the Senate Ag Committee:

OPPOSE: SB 460 / HB 460 Commercial Dog Breeders; adds commercial breeder,
commercial breeding operations to SECTION 1 G.S. 19A-21 as a category along
with pet shops and boarding kennels for the purpose of licensing, regulation
and inspection. 
(5a) “Commercial breeder” means any person who, during any 12-month period,
maintains 15 or more adult female dogs for the primary purpose of the sale
of their offspring as companion animals.  (5b) “Commercial breeding
operation” means the physical location or facility at which a commercial
breeder breeds or maintains adult female dogs and their offspring.” It
mandates standards for care at commercial breeding operations, including
requirements for exercise, veterinary care and record keeping to be written
by the NC Department of Agriculture at a later date and adds annual
veterinary exam and certification for females before breeding.

ACTION REQUEST: Contact the Senate Commerce Committee:

This is reactive legislation to the recent closure of a substandard kennel
in Wayne County widely publicized by HSUS. Closing of the kennel and removal
of the dogs is evidence that current law adequately dealt with the
situation.  State licensing and regulation as a commercial entity will end
dog breeding for anyone in a residential zoned area. The impact in
rural-residential zoned areas will depend on zoning ordinances already in
place for each county and the final requirements for housing established by
the NC Department of Agriculture.

The bills define as commercial anyone maintaining 15 females during the span
of 12 months; does not say intact females, does not define what age is
considered adult. The requirement for annual veterinary certification of
suitable health for breeding is very vague. Certification could require
anything from routine physical exam to an expensive panel of blood tests and
x-rays. There is no definition of suitable health for breeding. The bill
prohibits breeding females less than 18 months or more than 8 years. This is
a precursor for state mandated breeding restrictions.

More information and contacts here:


OPPOSE SB 258: Commercial Breeder Act

Find talking points and contact information here:

Senate Bill 258, sponsored by Sen. Doug Jackson (D-25) and House Bill 386,
sponsored by Rep. Janis Baird Sontany (D-53) places breeding of purebred
dogs under criminal animal cruelty statutes. The bills classify a Commercial
breeder as any person who possesses or maintains twenty (20) or more adult
female dogs in whole or in part for the purpose of the sale of their
offspring as companion animals. If even one litter of puppies is produced, a
commercial breeder licensing would be required. Ownership of 75 is the
absolute limit.   Background checks will be required for applicants, and the
state will determine if the applicant is of good moral character and
deserving of the license.

HSUS State Director, Leighann McCollum, responding on behalf of Sen. Doug
Jackson confirmed that USDA regulations currently in effect under the Dog
and Cat Dealer Act (44-17-101) will be required for the new commercial
breeder kennels. Senate Bill 258 was referred to Senate Committee Commerce
Labor & Agriculture Feb. 19; no hearings are scheduled at this time.


HB 458 Pet Limits in Counties. Sponsored by Rep. David Lieberman (D-117).

OPPOSE: Allows counties to impose dog limit laws in unincorporated areas,
changing the rules on pet owners who have bought homes with no HOA or
dog-related deed restrictions.

ACTION REQUEST: HB 458 is scheduled for a hearing Monday, March 16th, 2 PM
in E2.016 at the State Capitol, Austin.  If you cannot attend the hearing
please call or fax. 

SB 634 Relating to the unlawful restraint of a dog. Sponsored by Sen. Ken
Seliger (R-31)

HB 2001 Companion bill Sponsored by Rep. Brian McCall (R-66)

OPPOSE: Would prohibit tethering under any condition, mandates 150 SF kennel
requirements, does not allow dogs to be outside unattended at all during
inclement weather (hunting dogs are not exempt). Requirements are
unreasonable for lower income and elderly dog owners and will result in
increased kill rates at shelters due to owner surrenders, or more dogs at
large and therefore dog bites.

SB 554 An act relating to conduct constituting the offense of dog fighting
and to the criminal and civil consequences of committing that offense;
sponsored by Sen. John Whitmire (D-15).

OPPOSE: Criminalizes the ownership of “dog fighting equipment,” with the
intent that the equipment be used to train a dog for fighting, including
items common to show and working dog owners: harness, treadmill, cage,
decoy, pen, house for keeping a dog, feeding apparatus or training pen.
Intent is difficult to prove and would likely be applied selectively based
on breed of dog.

ACTION REQUEST: SB 554 is scheduled for a hearing March 17th , 1:30 PM in
E1.016 (Hearing Room) State Capitol, Austin. If you cannot attend the
hearing please call or fax. 

SB 1845 Relating to the sterilization of dogs and cats; providing a penalty.
Sponsored by Sen. Leticia Van de Putte (D-26)

HB 4277 Identical bill by Rep. Jose Menendez (D-124)

OPPOSE: These are statewide mandatory spay/neuter bills for dogs and cats
over 6 months of age.

HB 3180 Relating to the licensing and regulation of commercial dog and cat
breeders and the regulation of dog and cat dealers; providing penalties.
Sponsored by Rep. Senfronio Thompson (D-81)

SB 1910 Identical bill sponsored by Sen. John Whitmire (D-15).

OPPOSE: Imposes excessive reporting; stringent kennel standards, grooming,
exercise, socialization, and breeding standards. Defines commercial breeder
as anyone who possesses 11 or more adult intact females; breeder may not
possess more than 50 at any time. 

Text of bills, summaries, contact information, action alerts can be found

Lone Star State American Pit Bull Terrier Club

Responsible Pet Owners Alliance

Please share this message widely.

Susan Wolf

Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance –  <>
Issue lobbying and working to identify and elect supportive legislators


postheadericon Texas IS Next

All of you in Texas had best get busy…
you are facing Mandatory Spay Neuter of ALL dogs as of September 1, 2009.

It is strongly urged that everyone dog lover, whether breeder or not, in Texas to pay attention to this, and to contact your state representatives and senators.   It’s finally come to you. How independent Texas has allowed itself to be infiltrated by the animal rightists is unbelievable.  Look no further than the dog warden of Dallas who has been profiled on national TV because of his methods of seizing and then selling dogs  from breeders usually with little or no real proof of abuse or neglect.  His eighty thousand dollar salary has to come from somewhere.  If he seizes dogs, there is seemingly no way for their owners to ever get them back.

Those of you who call Texas home can’t avoid it or live in denial that such things would never happen in Texas.  The animal rights people have wormed their way into your government, in order to further their agenda, and they don’t care whose constitutional
rights are trampled on.  It is imperative that you support the organizations
who are fighting for us, and in Texas, that’s the RPOA– Responsible Pet
Owners Association– at   Their website is under
construction, but there is a PayPal link there for donations.

The time is NOW, to let your government officials know just how you feel
about this kind of legislation!

Texas SB 1845 has been filed and will be heard in the Senate before the end
of next week…

There is ONE very narrow exemption for show dogs…and only then with a
permit………the proposed price for a permit to keep an intact animal is
$300 (each)…….

This bill has subsections with completely NEW language (Section
828)………and if this passes, Texas can probably wave goodbye to most of the purebred dog population.

Yes, it seems impossible………..but if y’all don’t raise the devil with your elected State officials………after September 1, prepare to spay and neuter EVERYTHING…………

If you’re so inclined, you can read the proposed Bill here…….

Help Texas out and give the the animal rights groups a message that we will not cave in to their strategies to end dog breeding or ownership.  Write the Texas legislators whether from the Lone Star State or not or Texas will become the Lone Dog State if we do not fight!!! 

postheadericon Nightline Expose on Show Dogs


Well, I was hoping to write about an article “Tough Love and Faith” from Monday’s USA Today.  However, last night’s biased, uninformed, and rather ignorant reporting about Westminster show dogs changed my mind!  Please go to the ABC website and pull up Nightline so you can see what yellow journalism is all about.  Below is my comment on the program as posted on the ABC website:

I could not believe the biased yellow journalism of the BBC “Pedigree Dogs Exposed,” but then just read the daily British newspapers for sheer sensationalistic reporting. However, we do not expect our reporters on Nightline to engage in such uninformed , one sided reporting. Purebred dogs are no more susceptible to disease than mixed breeds, but no one keeps health statistics on mixed breeds. In AKC, every breed has a national breed club, called a parent club, which controls the standard, or blueprint of the breed, keeps health statistics, raises money for health research and to isolate gene markers to chose breeding stock that does not have the gene marker for a certain disease. Most parent clubs insist that their members sign a code of ethics and test all breeding stock for genetic diseases. The American Kennel Club has spent a fortune on research grants. We are all working to eliminate disease in our purebred dogs. Health issues in dogs , purebred or mixed, could, in part, be a direct result of our present environment just as health issues in people, especially cancer, are thought to be a result of pesticides, chemical waste, and other ecological nightmares in our world. I have bred and shown dogs for over forty years and have been dutiful in breeding from only healthy and health tested dogs. Just as parents cannot predict that their children will not be born with a health problem, we as dog breeders cannot predict that we will not produce a health problem. We are not God. We may breed for a show dog, but the majority of our dogs will go into loving pet homes not the show ring. No reputable breeder, and the key is reputable, wishes to produce a puppy who will go to a home and break hearts due to an unforeseen health problem. If one looks closely, this push against purebred dogs can be most probably laid at the feet of the animal rights groups who wish to eliminate the ownership of any animal–the “enslavement of animals” as PETA or HSUS calls it.
Meredith Johnson-Snyder 10:33 PM

Please, please go to the ABC website; type in search for Westminster and read the script.  Please comment on the program.  I know that the animal rights movement is at an all our push to discredit purebred dogs and unless we step up efforts to fight back, we will be lost.  Please read below about the new bills hitting Ohio:

From the Ohio Valley Dog Owners Association president:

Two bills affecting animal cruelty penalties have been introduced (HB
55 & HB 70) and at least two lawmakers are planning separate bills to
regulate breeding kennels. In addition, HSUS has targeted Ohio for an
attack on farming practices, but it is not clear whether they will support
an initiative petition to ban certain housing methods for pigs, chickens,
and veal calves or if they will cajole legislators into drafting bills to
ban these practices.

We also know that  the HSUS Ohio director, has caused at least one representative into proposing HSUS’ language on a kennel licensing bill. .

Good news is that the tethering bill may be off the table. OVDO answered a
request for information from the Ohio Association of Animal Owners, and
their agent presented the rep with lots of material supporting the
judicious use of tethering.

HB 55 raises the penalty for additional violations of cruelty law to a
first degree misdemeanor, allows for coverage of animals in domestic
violence protection orders, provides for counseling for minors convicted of
abuse, and provides for supervised probation for convicted offenders. HB 70
increases the penalty for negligence to felony status, a higher penalty
than the misdemeanor 1 for deliberate cruelty.

And the beat goes on . . .

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Ohio has always been a farm state.  I remember moving from Brooklyn, New York, to Ohio so my father could have race horses and more important play the horses.  On my first bus ride to a new school, I looked through the window and saw my first cow.  I can remember the thrill to this day.  I studied every book I could find on animal husbandry.  I knew horses, but wanted to know everything about all farm animals and soon could recite every breed of every species.  I am still in love with farm animals, but have no desire to become the vegan that the misguided HSUS wishes us all to be.  Read below carefully.  The Animal Rights groups are insidious and invading every aspect of our society in their quest to end the “enslavement” of animals.  We are being blindsided and unless we do something now, we will only be seeing  animals through the window of a vehicle.   

You may not live in Ohio…and you may not care much if ear cropping and
tail docking are forbidden here (or anywhere)…but I urge you all to
please read the information below about what is happening in Ohio…
this proposed legislation is one of the innocuous-seeming baby steps
on the way to a vegan society…it really is.  I, for one, want to continue
to be free to eat meat..if you don’t, that’s OK with me, too.  We all really
need to be aware of what is going on here……….. and if you can
help Ohio, you’ll only be helping yourself, no matter where you live.
Please read this and pay attention……do what you can to help.
       here’s the story:

Tues Mar 10, 2009 10:05 am (PDT)

Producer problem
Monday, 09 March 2009
Staff Writer
      PIQUA – Forcing Ohio livestock regulations onto producers is the first
step in a national animal rights organization’s attempt to eliminate
livestock production and to create a meat-free, vegan-oriented America.
      That was the message which was delivered to hundreds of farmers who
attended Saturday’s 18th annual 8th Congressional District Farm Forum at
Edison Community College.
      The event, which is hosted by House Minority Leader John Boehner,
R-West Chester, puts experts from different farm sectors into a discussion
about the current and future issues facing farmers across the region.
      Speakers in this year’s event included Boehner, Renewable Fuels
Association President and CEO Bob Dinneen, Ohio Poultry Association
Executive Vice President Jim Chakeres, Ohio Corn Growers Association
Executive Director Dwayne Siekman, National Turkey Federation President Joel
Brandenberger and Policy Directions Inc. Senior Vice President Steve
      This year’s topic dealt with ethanol and animal rights, but for the
vast majority of the event, the topic of animal rights – specifically the
recent actions by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) – dominated
the discussions.

      Two notable speakers painted a bleak future for Ohio livestock farmers
as national Humane Society President and CEO Wayne Pacelle prepares to
initiate a variety of livestock farming regulations across the state. In a
concerning speech, Kopperud said Ohio farmers should be warned that the
Humane Society has the manpower, funding and ability to bring about great
change in how Ohio farms.
      “I’ve been watching and fighting them for 22 years, and what I’ve seen
is the emergence of one single organization which has decided that by itself
that it will shift the way America produces food, shift what America eats
for food and will do it all in the name of animal protection,” Kopperud
      Kopperud said Pacelle’s immediate plans include eliminating poultry
cages, gestation stalls and calf crates throughout Ohio.
      Kopperud said Pacelle plans to bring legislation, or issue a state
referendum, to bring an end to the farming practices. If the practices are
banned, Kopperud said it will bring irreversible changes to Ohio livestock
      “It will basically shift the way we produce food in this country to
the way it was in the 1930s,” Kopperud said. “If we return to animal
agriculture to the 1930s, we’re toast. Three-quarters of this country cannot
support crops, two-thirds of this planet cannot support crops. You cannot
feed the existing population based on a vegetable-based diet.”
      While Pacelle’s motives may not currently seem like he is driving a
full-fledged restriction on animal production, Kopperud warned the
organization is only just initiating the first steps in a nationwide attack.
      Ohio, he said, will be used as a perfect example. If the changes in
regulations are put forth, other states would likely follow, and more
changes would be imposed.
      “The Humane Society of the United States say they aren’t pushing for a
vegan society, however, if you cut the crap you’ll find they are in a
PETA-kind of agenda,” Kopperud said. “If you think you can sit down with an
animal rights group and give them something and they go away, you are
absolutely insane.”
      During his keynote address at the end of the forum, Ohio Farm Bureau
Federation President Brent Porteus echoed Kopperud’s comments, saying
Pacelle is “gearing up for an assault on Ohio.”
      Porteus said Pacelle told him blatantly that the changes in the crates
and stalls are inevitable, saying Pacelle will take the fight to the people
who do not understand the science of animal husbandry.
      “The Humane Society of the United States has a clear-cut goal that
makes producing meat products illegal,” Porteus said. “They want to put
livestock farmers out of business on their way to creating a meat-free
American society.”
      Kopperud gave one final ultimatum to all those in attendance Saturday,
saying Ohio farmers must come together, get public and put a face on the
livestock industry. If they do not, he said the consequences could be
      “This is a collective threat,” Kopperud told those in attendance. “If
all of the Ohio agricultural community does not sit down and figure out a
collective way to stop this right now, you will all wind up as crop

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The following story is taken from Headlines of the newest edition The Dog Press,  Please read the following carefully and look up the references.  The following refers to the dog show world, but there have been many instances of mixed breed and pedigreed pets being seized.  Please check what is going on in your community and FIGHT for the right to own dogs and other animals.  Meredith



02|10|09| In all your doggy dreams, what is your worst nightmare? Loosing your best brood bitch? Your Group Winner is run over?

C’mon, you can do better than that. Let me help you.  They knock on your door. You are in violation of the Illinois State Kennel License Law. “What is that?” you ask innocently while your mind churns, is that what they called it online? No! It was The HSUS Dog Breeder License Act. What is the Animal Control guy saying? His voice is like a thousand rolls of thunder. “You are over the legal limit of three un-spayed females, you sold a dog without a permit, and you have a litter of puppies but we have a signed statement that your vet did not examine the mother dog prior to breeding. We are here to take your dogs.”

You can’t remember how things got this far (dreams are often fuzzy and incomplete) but you clearly remember reading they can euthanize the dogs. Kill them!!!

You protest but the Animal Control Officer has backup. A Police Officer stands beside him and the local SPCA truck is in your driveway. You begin to panic, thinking of the Group-winning bitch here to be bred to your stud dog, oh no, and the 3-week old litter in the den. Your old boy is nudging the back of your knees, his cold nose the only touch of reality in this surreal nightmare. The AC officer is peeking around you at something. He thunders “You have two adult dogs in the house with a litter of puppies!” Oh My God! Another violation.
Suddenly you are running, running, gasping for breath, terrified, your legs getting weaker. They are right behind you, there’s a cliff and you leap – and it feels like your thumb is broken. You look down and see your thumb being rolled back and forth by someone’s hand. What?! You are being fingerprinted, just like on TV. Why didn’t you go get that kennel license and let them do the criminal background check and fingerprint you then? You had nothing to hide. But wait, now you are standing at a counter writing check after check, paying stacks of license fees and fines and your broken thumb won’t hold the pen right and they are coming to inspect you.
You scream “
Don’t take my dogs!!!”

And you wake up, right hand crumpled under your cheek, thumb twisted in the necklace you forgot to remove. “Oh thank you Lord” you breathe deeply, still shaken. There’s tapping on your bedroom door and your son says “Mom, what’s wrong? Why were you yelling? Are you okay?” Groggy and trying to make light of it, you tell him it was just a bad dream, “a nightmare like you used to have… go back to bed honey. Everything is fine.”
Oh, but it’s not. You can’t sleep so you get up and go to the kitchen for milk. On second thought, might as well make it coffee. Switch on the pot, switch on the computer, switch on your brain.

It will be daylight soon and you’ll call in sick. You sure can’t afford it but you can’t afford to let another day go by without going to the courthouse and asking for the kennel license application form. You can probably fill it out right there and pay with a credit card. Right. You’ll sell Susie instead of spaying her to comply with that damn law. And the puppies will soon be ready to go and that incredible little boy will have to be sold too.  You grapple with the per-dog fee on top of the yearly license and sighing, admit you just can’t afford the luxury of keeping three males even if one of them is twelve years old. They make no allowance for old dogs.
Pouring coffee, you realize if you don’t keep that little male, you’ll have to ship Maggie because she can’t be bred to Skipper, too close. How will you manage? And what will it be like, having inspectors come into your home poking around? Will it bother the kids? What about the shows? The handler has been wonderful to work with and Skipper has started to do really well in the Groups. Oh well, he’ll just have to come home.
But what’s the point? Suddenly you are overwhelmed and stirring the coffee, you start to sob. You love your dogs. They are part of the family. Your husband will be reassigned soon and be here with you. He can fix anything. And then, dropping your head in both hands and sobbing aloud, you realize there is not one damn thing he can do about a state law! He can go off and fight a war, he can put a rocket together and blow up things but he can’t fight city hall, Animal Control, and the state of Illinois. They have won.
It’s too late now. Gasping, tears streaming, your mind repeats the running, running and suddenly you realize who “they” are behind you. They are your worst nightmare. They are the HSUS, PETA, and shaking your head, now you admit they were empowered by your own lack of initiative. By all the day-in, day-out things that seemed more important than writing letters, making calls, and getting to know your politicians on a first hand basis.
Wiping your eyes, fumbling with a napkin to blow your nose, you sit alone with only your guilt to keep you company at 5:30 in the morning. Well, it’s decision time. You get up and pour more coffee, reach for the cream absentmindedly. What to do? The answer is hard but obvious. Forget the courthouse today. Or any other day. Bring Skipper home, let the dogs go, all but three which is all they allow without a breeder or kennel license. Sell Skipper because the two old dogs have to stay. Sell a bitch on co-own, get a puppy back later for the family but that’s it, it’s over. They won.
You stir the coffee, take a sip, resolved now. Yes, you can do this thing. It will hurt, like cutting off your arm but for your sanity and your family, you have to get out of dogs. Then “they” will leave you alone, no more hiding dogs, no more nightmares.
Standing up, you force a smile, telling yourself “I’ll be Miss Compliance, I won’t worry about animal control, the humane society, AR Legislation.  No more crazy laws, I have rights.  They will leave me alone and everything will be fine.”
Your nightmare is just beginning.

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We also recommend the following Groups. American Sporting Dog Alliance California Federation of Dog Clubs (CFODC) PetPac Sportsmen’s and Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance (SAOVA)  American Dog Owners Association

postheadericon Checking In 3/9/09

Daylight Savings time really caught me by surprise;  I was behind all day yesterday.  Al cannot drive yet so have been the chauffeur.  He hates not driving and is being less than his usual less than jovial self! 

I am tired tonight so won’t write much; however, I read an interesting and excellent article in USA Today which I will report upon next time.  The article deals with to do with our declining adherence to a moral code in this country.  Food for thought.  Until next time . . .

postheadericon CATCHING UP 3/4/09

Al and I were married twenty five years yesterday, the day after he wound up in the emergency room again for the same symptoms he had when he had the bloods clot and fresh bleed.  He checked out to be okay, but we are very watchful and he is certainly not one hundred percent, but he will be. I continue to work as I find that I have a renewed calling in the principalship and am happy being back working with kids. After setting my own hours for ten years, it has been hard to go to bed at a relatively normal hour so I can get up at five–a perfectly horrible hour!  I did not always get laundry done before now I am really behind.  I understand all the dog bedding, but cannot for the life of me understand how two people can generate so much laundry.

I have been working every day but do not know if the pattern will continue as I go in when a principal is absent and a building needs coverage.  We have the home base covered, so Al is in no danger of being without immediate help should he need it.  It is a worry, but I am really happy to be back in the schools and Al is really happy to get me out of his hair.

I have a couple of nice puppies that I intended to keep at least for awhile, but now that my time is so limited, I will let them go. I have simply no time to show right now and have accepted very few judging assignments.  This is the week of Crufts in the UK and I usually attend, but am fine with staying home as Al held down the fort for the last ten years as I traveled as I wished.  I wish I could see all the Cavaliers at Crufts and could watch our own Peter Green judge Best in Show, a very great honor for this great dog man originally from Wales, but an American for years. I am sure that Peter will do a brilliant job of judging.