postheadericon Judging In Alaska 2013

I am a little late in reporting my July trip to Alaska to judge on the beautiful Kenai Peninsula. After I got home from Alaska, I realized that I had neglected to renew my elementary principal certificate and needed to take six graduate credit hours before September first to do so.  So the crunch was on.  I took two online courses and could not believe how tough they were and how much work.  I spent the month of August letting everything go except the keyboard of my laptop.  I got little else done but study, take exams, and write a multitude of essays.  I was so obsessed with finishing by the deadline and doing well, which I did, that when I was done I did not know what to do with myself as I had been so consumed with the work.  I would like to take another course as despite the pressure I really did enjoy learning, but at $500.  a course, it will be awhile.

My friend, Dr. Rosalind Batley, went with me and we had a wonderful time.  I enjoyed the judging assignment immensely. After the judging one evening we were invited to a get together of Cavalier breeders and exhibitors. We had a wonderful time talking Cavaliers and seeing some very pretty dogs.

After the judging we took off to see a bit of the country which is so lovely and still very unpopulated and wild.  We were there in the Salmon Running season and fisherman from all over the world were their getting their catch.  Every Alaskan citizen are allowed to catch so many Salmon to stock their freezers for the year.  I do so love the state and if I were younger, who knows, I might wish to live there.  I love the Alaskan “can do” spirit and the people. 

Rosalind and I took a full day glacier and wildlife cruise.  We had a great time and found it a great learning experience.  We had beautiful weather and great sightings of wildlife.  Below I am using photos taken by the tour company itself with their permission to use them as they were better than any we could take.   The animals and scenery were truly awe inspiring


While in Homer we went to the Sea Life Museum which was fascinating.



While in Homer we visited the Mitch Seavey Iditarod Sled Dogs and even rode a sledding cart behind a team.  Being a dog person, this just may have been my favorite part of touring.  The Seavey team keeps about one hundred Alaskan Huskies and has won the Iditarod more than once.  It was so interesting finding out all about the dogs, the breeding program, raising and training, and the conditioning of the dogs.  It seems as if those involved with racing are consumed with it with their whole lives wrapped around the dogs and their welfare.  Planning breedings and bringing puppies along is very similar to raising show dogs, but so much harder.  Too much work for me!


postheadericon Grieving for a Special Cavalier Named Cash

My friend Joy lost her beloved Cash about a month ago. He was an endearing little boy-always cheerful no matter how he felt toward the end. Joy wrote this lovely poem for Cash and I think it says so much about the bond between our Cavaliers and us. Cash was a wonderful little dog.  I knew when I put him in Joy’s hands years ago, but not enough years ago as he wanted to stay with her forever, that they would be a team.  Joy now has another Rattlebridge friend, but Cash is in her heart and will never leave as he waits for her at the Rainbow Bridge. Rest in peace, dear Cash.  I loved you too as you were one of my babies all your life. 

I will walk more slowly

I will walk more slowly

For you, my dearest friend.

I will stop to give you time.

I will slow my hurried pace of mind.

I will savor what I once sped through,

Always racing to the end.

Your quickened step is now a measured tread,

So I match my steps to yours.

The wagging tail once led the way,

Now soft eyes ask for me to stay.

So I will walk more slowly.

I always knew you were all heart.

The x-rays proved me right.

So swollen from the struggle

to never fall behind.

Such danger in a love so great

That never would you cause me to wait

Until, at last, it was too late.

So I will walk more slowly

For you, my dearest friend.

I will wake throughout the night

And we will take slow midnight strolls to smell sweet grass

And draw in life we once slept through

As time moves in its flight.

But I will walk more slowly

For you, my dearest friend.

And we will spend our happy days

In measured, careful, loving ways

For you have been my friend.