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I just got back from Christmas Mass.  The school children performed a Christmas pageant which was darling.  In all of our planning and activities for Christmas, let us not forget the reason for Christmas and celebrate the coming of Jesus as a humble infant who grew up to become our Savour. His act of sacrifice which is represented in the Mass brought Salvation to what was a very troubled world then which continues into the present time.  You can tell this Irish Catholic gets very sentimental at Christmas. May you have a wonderful Christmas.  May all of our Jewish friends celebrate a wonderful Hanukkah also! 

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Thank you to my dear friend Roxy Hayes for doing the above montage of many of our Rattlebridge Cavaliers. Some of the dogs are gone now, but memories are sweet as they live in our hearts forever.


We have wonderful news!  We have found the house of our dreams and will take possession the end of January.  We are so very excited as are our Cavaliers.  We are moving back to the woods which Meredith has always missed.  Our present home, the wonderful Rattlebridge farm, was bought mostly for the dogs; the new house is for us, less acreage, wonderful floor plan to serve our needs as we get older; plenty of  room to raise puppies and closer to everything! Al will move first and I will stay here  going back and forth for a few months so I can raise puppies, get the house ready to sell, and decide what to do with our horses—probably board at least one of them. It is time for new adventures and Al and I are ready.  We will offer our  place to dog fanciers first and then list it on the market; the market is down right now, but the way all of this happened when we were not even looking for a house, we feel it was all in God’s plan.  Picture of new house and address below.  Email and Meredith’s cell phone stay the same 419 560 1548.  Merry Christmas to you all!






Our friend Roxy Hayes of AARH website design is now working with a company that will put logos or pictures on great items such as caps, baby clothes, mugs, buttons, license plate holders, sweatshirts, tee shirts, and more. Right now you can buy Rattlebridge items with our dogs on them so you can show that you are part of our extended family if you have Rattlebridge dogs.  You can also design your own!!!  Please check out the site!!!! No profit goes to us! Roxy now has a partnership with the company that makes the items; she does the design.  She will also do websites as she did our beautiful one.  Roxy has been one of my very best friends for all of my Cavalier mania; her Kelsey, still going strong at over fifteen years, is from our first litter.  I want to support Roxy for all she has done for the breed.  You will have to copy and paste the following URL:

I am so excited to buy a few of these items for my partners in Cavaliers for Christmas.  More pictures of Rattlebridge dogs follow:

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