postheadericon Wendy and Clooney in winter!

We have tremendous snow here!  I love this photo of Ch. Dutch Treat ROM, my darling Wendy, looking in through the sliding glass door with Ch. Rattlebridge Dusk ‘Til Dawn, my very handsome and very spoiled Clooney looking out in great comfort while poor Wendy is covered in snow.  (yes, the previous sentence is one sentence and not a run on sentence, trust me!!!) 


postheadericon Carrying Comfort a Bit Too Far?? LOL

warm blankets

My friend Ellie has two of our Cavaliers that she spoils rotten beyond belief!  She warms their couch blankets in the microwave and Jasper crawls into his own little blanket sleeping bag.  I refuse to let my dogs see this picture lest they begin picketing for the same treatment!

postheadericon Extended Family Collage Jan. 09

Here is another group of happy and beloved Rattlebridge Cavaliers as they enjoy their lives with their adoring owners!!

collage 2 jan 20 09

postheadericon Extended Family Collage Jan. 09

Here is another group of happy and beloved Rattlebridge Cavaliers as they enjoy their lives with their adoring owners!!

collage 2 jan 20 09

postheadericon Extended Family Collage 1 Jan. 09


We love to feature our Rattlebridge Cavaliers who live in their loving homes with families who adore them.


postheadericon Funny Cavalier Photos

I thought that these pictures were darling especially the first one!  Go to the following web site to see for yourself!!

postheadericon Winter Is Here!


We have lots of snow in Galena, Ohio, but nothing like my friend Roxy Hayes has in Michigan! 


Monitor your pet’s outside activities in this weather. Several of the pet catalog’s offer snow booties if you have never seen them, they can be quite useful.  I have used them with my Bandi as he was losing control of his rear legs; they allowed him to grip the floor ever so much better and kept him mobile for quite awhile.

If your Cavalier is not a show dog or is not being shown anymore, you can certainly scissor the long feathering on the front of the foot to keep the hair from being loaded down with ice or snow.  I always trim the hair between the toes on the bottom of the foot so that ice balls do not form and irritate the foot.  Make sure you dry your dog’s feet well when they come in if it is snowy or icy, so that the feet do not stay wet between the toes.


Al and I have a history of rescuing horses, cats. chickens, Emus who did not share one single brain cell among them, and, of course, dogs usually just to find wonderful homes for them.  However, when this year old black supposed Labrador Retriever needed a home, we agreed to take him for a couple of days until we could place him.  That was over eight years ago and Snoop is my constant and protective companion.  I have his heart and he has mine.  I always say that rescued dogs are grateful; I think that Snoop is grateful.  He never seems to take me for granted like my totally spoiled and often demanding Cavaliers do. He only has two bad habits:  he cleans off counter tops no matter how often he is scolded; in fact, if he isn’t caught, he still slinks away from the kitchen trying hard to avoid me seeing him.  Then there is his habit of seeking and destroying napkins and Kleenex.  I am so sick of finding the chewed remnant bits of tissue around the waste baskets; it is so annoying because he knows better and cannot break his addiction to paper chewing!  He is a grand dog!

snoop head in snowsnoop in snow 2








As you can see, Snoop is no Labrador, but of mixed parentage!  We usually keep him clipped down because his coat is long and very dense.  We always leave this lovely little brush at the end of his tail so he can dust the coffee tables without any harm to his tail.


The new Rattlebridge our second winter here:












Remember, once again, to make sure your pets are fine in this weather. If you see any dogs out in the weather or cold without shelter, food, or water, please call the powers that be in your county.  Do not attempt to reach the Humane Society of the United States as this organization is not really a Humane Society and not affiliated with your local Humane Society.  The HSUS does no rescue and has no shelters; in fact it is only a political machine using its donated funds to push its own agenda.  This organization now feels that it will have real power in Washington with the new administration;  however, with its huge budget, it does really nothing to improve the welfare of animals as it pushes its animal rights agenda.  Animal rights and animal welfare are not synonymous. Until next time . . .

postheadericon Bella and Tara: heartwarming

This is a heartwarming vignette and perhaps we should all adopt its message:

postheadericon A Pet’s Ten Commandments


I just wanted to share this lovely sentiment with you.  Please go to the following link and enjoy. Music is great too!

postheadericon Your animals could be seized and are in several communities around the country.

. . . a little long, but definitely worth the read! We need to do something to understand how far the animal rights movement, not the animal welfare movement, but the animal rights activists will go.  Please read the following especially the section 20/20 videos a out the seizure of dogs.  It could happen to you!!!! Hit the the line that says “front page.”


Please send the above URL to as many people as possible and ask them to do the same. We need to educate about what is really happening in the land of the free:

Also please read the following: