postheadericon South Carolina Primary

You go, Newt!  He gave a dynamite speech at the debate and another one tonight.  Without Romney’s big bucks and Super Pac, Newt has a huge challenge.  He certainly has had a checkered past, but I believe in redemption.  While Romney certainly has the leadership and financial expertise, he just cannot seem to connect with the regular hard working or unemployed America.  It was interesting tonight at Newt’s speech that he brought up the Chinese-Canadian proposed pipeline partnership and the Arab-Chinese nuclear plans.  Where have we been?   We need to put American first and stop pussyfooting around with other countries trying not to offend them.  If you have not heard, Mr. Gingrich’s S. Carolina primary victory speech, listen to it.  We certainly cannot tolerate another four years of lack of leadership and too many cabinet Czars!  Romney has sound policies and is still to be considered; he just needs to “Bring It” to the country.