postheadericon Rattlebridge Boys In Art

My friend, Lu Ann Rogers, has several Rattlebridge dogs-most with degrees and all working in therapy.  She has commissioned sculptures of two of her boys, Quest and Quinn. The sculptor is Kate VanNoorden ( and she does wonderful work.

Quinn’s full name is Rattlebridge Harle-Quinn Man, CD, RE, OA, AXJ, NAP, NJP, BN, THD

clip_image002 clip_image003


Quest’s full name is Rattlebridge Request the Best, CD, RE, NA, NAJ, BN, THD, CGC


postheadericon Sleeping Dogs

I have seen all these patterns of sleeping in all my years with dogs and one husband (God rest his soul).  Too cute!

Make sure your sound is up!

postheadericon a great gift idea

I have just received the most beautiful calendar featuring many paintings of Cavaliers.  I thought if you had last minute shopping for your Cavalier loving friends, that one of these calendars might make an ideal gift.  Barbara Garnett- Wilson and her husband Roy have designed the calendar which has been nominated by the Dog Writers Association of American to receive an award in February.  Take a look:–o3ZFRUXEcsGNMRFl8MhqzG3vssiyOE_g%3D%3D