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Subject: UNBELIEVABLE!!: from the Kansas City Dog Blog —

Here’s the scoop:
On August 1st, the animal control department in Kansas City, MO, implemented a new policy when it comes to evaluating their field officers. Effective immediately, animal control officers in KCMO will be required to issue a minimum of 15 summonses and impound a minimum of  20 animals per month.

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from one of my friends who keeps me updated:

“I don’t know how many posts I’ve made about AC people illegally seizing  dogs…this is happening all over the country. I know I’ve become tired of seeing the posts…so may not have passed on as many as I have seen.

My point here is…every dog owner in the country should familiarize him/herself with search and seizure laws…because basically, you are NOT required to allow ANYONE into your home, or even on your private property, unless they have a warrant. Really. Most people are so intimidated by anyone they perceive as having authority that they actually let their animals be seized…………..

So…here you go…some information everyone needs to have. Other articles

on the same subject will be forthcoming…but in the meantime, go to and read “What to do when Animal Control Comes Knocking,” or “Busted,” by George Eigenhauser. Eigenhauser, a Sacramento attorney, is now the CFA (Cat Fanciers) legislation pointman.  Don’t allow yourself to think none of this will ever apply to you…print the articles out and get yourself VERY familiar with what they say. And as I said earlier…learn the search and seizure laws where you live…………….

I know people often don’t believe that anyone can come and seize their dogs, their cats…..whatever…because “it’s illegal.” Yes, it is. That doesn’t mean it isn’t happening.

Educate yourselves…… and learn.”