postheadericon October 10, 2007

Again, almost a month has gone by since I last posted. Our Clooney, Ch. and Ch. From Dusk ‘Til Dawn, won the Canadian National and the regional the next day. The National judge was Jenny McAlpine from England; the Regional was judged by Karen Heron-Mills from the States. Thank you so much to both of these ladies. 

The legislation HB 223 and Senate Bill 223 have been introduced in Ohio; a few of us have been working hard to change some of the language in the bill and have been successful in working with the legislators.  The bill calls for the creation of a State Kennel Authority to investigate any breeders who have nine or more dogs or bitches each producing a litter in the previous calendar year.  This bill was crafted to monitor the large volume breeders who keep and breed dogs in deplorable conditions; however, this bill will very much affect reputable and responsible breeders by kennel licensing fees, inspections by State inspections to ensure proper care and conditions for dogs.  We are in the midst of hearings; we shall see what develops.

Al will have rotator cuff surgery on October 22.  We are not looking forward to his recovery period.  I am off to buy a recliner as his doctor told me that he really will not be able to lie down for quite awhile.  We have four matching wing chairs in our living room; I ordered them twenty five years ago and Al has hated having four of them for that long of a time.  I love them; they are still in excellent condition despite a few puppy nips here and there which do not show.  Since I have such short legs, these are the only chairs in the house where my feet actually hit the floor.  They are the most comfortable chairs for me.  With the addition of a recliner for Al, the set of four will have to be broken and Al is just delighted that one of the wing chairs will have to go elsewhere (where who knows as every room in this house is jammed full). So any visitors be forewarned, my lovely living room furniture arrangement will no longer be symmetrical!!  I love symmetry! 

I have been very busy working with the Humane Society of Morrow County.  We are trying to buy property to some day build a shelter.  We have so many abused and abandoned dogs in this county.  We presently have a whole litter of black lab mix puppies who were just dumped in the middle of the road of one of our county roads.  If any of you would be interested in giving a needy puppy a home, please email me.  My black lab mix Snoop came to us to spend a few days until I could find him a home; that was seven years ago so he found a home.  He has been the best dog!  He is my constant shadow and is very protective of our home and the Cavaliers, yet is so friendly and loving.  If any of you would like to help the Humane Society of Morrow County realize its dream of a shelter for our abused and abandoned dogs, we would welcome any donations.  Shameless plug over! 

Please pray for me to have patience with Al after his surgery as I have an idea he will take grouchy to a higher level.

Until next time, Meredith