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Raisins:  with the holiday season upon us, please remember that raisins, even a few, can be fatal to dogs.  Please pass this word along.

Chocolate: while great for hormonal women, chocolate can be fatal to our dogs.  If you have a dog like my Snoop who grazes on top of counter, coffee tables, and pantry shelves, please be very careful of putting chocolate, even in boxes or wrapped in foil, out.  I have used hydrogen peroxide on my Snoop a couple of times now after spotting hershey kisses foil.  Serves him right!  I still have not forgiven him for the missing T bone!  I walked out of the kitchen for only a second on Thanksgiving leaving my unstuffed turkey on the counter only to return and witness Snoop pulling on one wing of the turkey while Wendy has the other. Looked like the turkey was being drawn and quartered.  I almost quartered the both of them!  However, a quick rinse under the sink and the still unblemished turkey was good to be spatchcocked (yes a real word and a real procedure. Go to Martha Stewart’s website and search.  Spatchcocking two turkeys for Thanksgiving almost ended our marriage!)

snoop in snow 2

Snoop, the rescue that came to spend a couple of days and has stayed for over nine years now.  He truly is my pal despite his thieving ways.  Totally devoted to me, he is my constant shadow and would protect the Cavaliers and us if needed.  I just wish he would learn manners, but have given up. I think he was a gypsy dog in a past life.





Coyotes have been appearing in more and more suburban areas and housing devlopments. Los Angeles is rife with them. Recently a coyote attacked a dog in its yard in Grosse Point, Michigan, a very upscale neighborhood.  Coyotes can scale high fences and have gotten very brazen as their habitat has disappeared and their hunger increased.  Coyotes are like chameleons adapting to any environment.  If you know that there are coyotes in your area, do not let your dogs out by themselves. Even with you there, it only takes a moment for a coyote to snatch a dog or cat. 

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